Pipe Supply and Laying/Fabrication

We have the required technical skills in pipe laying, installation of pipes, supply/procurement of pipes, pipeline accessories. We also carry out inter-plant/processing piping and construction.

Instrumentation Engineering

We have highly experienced Instrumentation technologists, technicians and mechanics that specialise in troubleshooting, repairing and maintenance of instrument systems.

Petroleum Product Marketing

Samtheo Systems Services Limited is a major player in the downstream and upstream sector of the petroleum industry in Nigeria. We are involved in the business of petroleum products marketing, distribution, maritime operation and product transportation both onshore and offshore.

Equipment Leasing

Samtheo System Services Limited is a household name in the heavy duty equipment leasing industry. We lease heavy duty equipment for transportation, haulage, rig movement construction etc.

Marine Logistics/Security

Samtheo System Services Limited handle operations as Marine Logistics and Support service provider. We are another name for quality services, effectiveness and professional driven performance.


Samtheo System Services Limited is a leading name in the provision of support services to the telecommunications industry. We have highly experienced and qualified personnel who are specialists in installation of telecommunications masts and tower.

Civil Engineering Works

Samtheo System Services Limited is a household name in the civil engineering industry. We have qualified and experienced engineers that will deliver quality construction jobs to our clients.


Our Business Units

Samtheo System Services Limited is structured in a very special way to enable us to meet the ever-increasing needs of the oil and gas sector of our economy, Our peculiar structure enables us to deliver quality services to our clients both in the public and private sectors.

Pipeline Supply and Pipe Laying/Fabrication98%
Instrumentation Engineering96%
Petroleum Product Marketing96%
Marine Logistics96%
Equipment Leasing92%
Civil Engineering Works96%